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Jai Balaji Label Pvt Ltd. is a label manufacturer in India with over 25 years of experience in this industry. We offer a wide variety of branding solutions to our partners while giving immaculate attention to detail to each one of our offerings. From labels to hang tags, Jai Balaji Label covers it all.

We are one of the select few companies in India that have been into the manufacturing of printed labels for more than 25 years. Our industry, in general, has seen the rapid transformation and constant innovation over time. We at Jai Balaji Label have always kept up with the trends to make sure that not only do we provide the best quality of label manufacturing, but we also build long term relationships along the way.

Our Indian & International clients know how we have always followed the best of practices in fulfilling any and every order we get regardless of its scale and size. The team at Jai Balaji Label prioritizes its work ethics and quality of manufacturing before anything else. Hence, we are always able to provide timely deliveries & this trust that we build over time is what helps us in retaining a fruitful relationship with our clients.

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